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The power of flowers

Today’s post is about flowers!

I’m excited to announce/introduce the launch of my limited edition Sakura t-shirts! They’re super soft American Apparel tri-blend track shirts - now in my shop. I’m not planning on going into the production of apparel but a few people asked me about putting these designs on tees and I figured why not, it would be so cool to see people wearing my art around. Isn’t the male model a handsome fellow? ;) #husbandduties

Yesterday, we discovered some amazing flowers at the Koko Crater Botanical Garden. They were all so distinct, so beautiful. We had a rougher than usual morning and I truly felt their healing powers in the garden. It’s a gift that one can be so affected by the presence of nature, whether it’s the scent of plumerias or the sound of waves crashing. Photos below by BML.

Feeling inspired, I decided to paint the Rose of Siam I had just bought at a farmers market. This was my first time using watercolor on yupo paper. The paper allows the pigment and water to really flow organically, keeping it loose and easier to go abstract. Try yupo paper if you feel like flinging paint, spraying water, and having some fun.

Hope these florals give your day a bit of whatever it is you need right now - healing, vibrancy, or just something pretty to look at!

Janet Meinke-Lau