About Me


Hi! I’m Janet. My two passions are sketching and surfing.

Over a decade ago, I studied finance in New York City and had a brief stint in investment banking. I then studied and worked in the field of urban and environmental planning. I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in early 2016 in order to make surfing a bigger part of my life. Surfing has made me a morning, or even, a pre-dawn person.

Similar to surfing, I feel that I was meant to do art. Both bring me a sense of connection to the universe and an appreciation for its gifts - nature, community, life. There are gifts all around us, we just have to wake up to see them. In the spaces between the crashing of the waves and in the moment when paint first touches paper, I am focused, inspired and invigorated to create. I am in flow.

I am inspired by the awesome nature present in Hawaii - the colors of the sunrise, water drops upon the ocean, the unique bark of the palm trees, our sea life friends that we get to see up close when we’re lucky. Clients comment on the carefree and lightness quality of my art - how it’s playful and dreamy, but also incorporates structure. My artwork is hung in homes across Hawaii, the Continental U.S.A., and internationally.

I am available to do commission pieces for custom art in watercolor and ink. Contact me to start the conversation.

I am mostly self-taught, but these are artists/mentors I have been trained and inspired by:

Robert Regis Dvorak

Chris Zorn

Claudia Wallace



2019 “Watercolor on Commission, Back to her Drawing Board.” HILuxury April/May issue, page 36.

2018 “Art Show Aims to Illustrate the Ocean’s Importance.” Honolulu Star Advertiser, 3 June 2018 Sunday issue.

2018 Six featured illustrations including cover illustration, the Kawailoa Youth and Family Wellness Center Programmatic Plan prepared by Karen Umemoto and Britta Johnson, and the Office of Youth Services, Department of Human Services. This report was integral in the passing of Senate Bill 2791 for juvenile justice reform and enacted as Act 208 on July 10, 2018. (Read more about my experience doing the sketches on-site here.)

2018 Cover illustration for the Department of Planning and Permitting’s (DPP) Transit-Oriented Development Special District Design Guidelines.

2018 Cover illustration for DPP’s Diamond Head Special District Design Guidelines.

Group Exhibitions

2019 Hawaii Watercolor Society (HWS) “The Chemistry of Water: Open Show,” juried by Paul Jackson. Honolulu Museum of Art School Gallery. Honolulu, Hawaii.

2019 HWS “Little Picture Show.” The Arts at Marks Garage. Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2019 HWS “Members Show,” juried by Stephen Quiller. The Arts at Marks Garage. Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii.

2019 HWS “Experiments by Watercolorists.” Honolulu Hale. Honolulu, Hawaii.

2018 HWS “Open Show,” juried by Donald Andrews. Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. Honolulu, Hawaii.

2018 HWS “Little Picture Show.” The Arts at Marks Garage. Chinatown, Oahu, Hawaii.

2018 Ka ʻike o ka Moana: The Knowledge of the Ocean Show.” Honolulu Hale. Honolulu, Hawaii.