Commissioned Work & Testimonials

Contact me if you're interested in custom/commissioned artwork. I would love to connect and collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind painting for your home or as a gift for a loved one. Past commissions include paintings of architecturally significant houses and other structures, wedding venues, landscapes, and more.

All original watercolors are painted on Arches 140 lb. watercolor paper. Arches watercolor papers are mouldmade in France, with 100% cotton fiber content. I use various high quality, permanent, artist-grade watercolor paints, including Daniel Smith, Schmincke, and Da Vinci watercolors.


Historic structure @ the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility, Honolulu

I commissioned Janet to do a large sketching, watercolor project. The project was not only a huge kuleana but the window of time was very small, and the parameters for the sketches were a combination of her specialties and also somewhat new creative territory. She not only worked much quicker than most people could have under these circumstances but was highly communicative, professional, flexible, and just a wonderful positive energy to work with. The finished sketches she gave to me, six in total, are quite difficult to put into words. They are not only beautiful and exactly what I was looking for, but they invoke a type of emotion that is difficult to articulate unless you see them. Janet has an amazing gift to share. I look forward to working with her again.

- Britta Johnson @ UH at Mānoa, 2017

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Like it’s not in focus but when you look long enough, it is. And I can see all the parts of the temple, and it brings back fond memories. Then my memories fill the gaps and bring this painting to life. What an amazing gift, [Danny]. Thank you for memorializing this place, Jano.

- Janet Chai, 2018


Services offered:

  • Map illustration (for invitations)

  • Venue illustration (for invitations, thank you cards, etc.)

  • Live wedding painting - Filling up a sketchbook with many quick sketches of small moments during wedding or creating one single feature painting

My fiancee, Tori, and I decided that we wanted to do something unconventional for our wedding and have a celebration across 7 different locations. One of the problems with unconventional is that there are not many examples to refer to when trying to visualize what we wanted everything to feel like. I asked Janet for her help in capturing all of the variety festivity, and beauty we hope will be part of our wedding journey when we embark on it later this year.

I gave them to Tori for her birthday and she was literally in tears, so moved by the color and imagination Janet's art had added to everything we had been talking about and thinking about. Janet painted us an incredible collection that will not only compel us forward toward the marriage we are creating together, but will remind us every day about how its possible to see the world in the most beautiful light.

- Ben Trevino, 2019


"I recently visited Hawaii and really fell in love with the lifestyle and culture during my visit.  One main takeaway that I observed was that life in Hawaii revolved around the ocean, while, in a literal sense, the ocean revolved around it.  I was enthralled by all the surfers and body boarders who were doing their best to stay on top of the waves, and I spent a fair share of time trying to mimic that as well.

Janet and I have been acquaintances for quite some time, but only recently have I been following her social media page, 'thewavewriter'. We finally reconnected in Honolulu in 2017 after many years, and I could sense that she had really taken the 'Aloha' lifestyle to heart. Over the past year or so, I have seen the vast progression of her artwork and really admired what she was doing from afar.   I asked Janet to draw me something that captured the energy of the ocean, and she did that perfectly.  I am completely satisfied with the finished product and highly recommend!! Thanks Janet!"

- Chris Chou, 2018

People and Animals

I have known Janet for a number of years and started following her social media page as soon as I knew it existed.  After seeing all of Janet’s beautiful work, and realizing she did commissioned work, I asked her to do a special watercolor sketch as a birthday gift for my wife.  I had a very specific request as I was hoping to have Janet create a watercolor sketch of a picture of our triplet daughters playing together and holding hands.  Throughout the entire process Janet was very professional and friendly.  She was in constant contact asking for my opinions and feedback about the project and process.  The final piece was absolutely stunning and could not have captured our daughters or that moment any more perfectly.  My wife and I could not have been any happier with how the final piece came out.  It is already hanging in a prominent place in our house for all who visit to see.  I cannot wait to continue to follow @janetmeinkelau and see the wonderful art that Janet creates and, hopefully, to work with her again to add more beautiful pieces to our home.

- Fred Hardenbrook, 10/23/2018

This is the first (but definitely not the last) time Janet has done personal art for me... a watercolor sketch of my puppies. This project was, of course, very dear to me, and I knew Janet would nail it. She met up with me at the beach to get to know the puppies and took photos and did some live sketching of them. She somehow transposed their (big) personalities from real life right into the final product. I am beyond grateful to have a piece of art that so authentically and beautifully captures my girls.

- Britta Johnson, 2018