Grumpy Honu Print

Grumpy Honu Print

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Grumpy Honu, Archival Art Print

Two sizes: 5x7” and 12x18”. Fine art print made from a watercolor and ink painting.

Whenever I come across a honu (green sea turtle) in the water while surfing, I am instantly filled with appreciation for these majestic creatures. I consider it a very lucky sign to see them. Unfortunately, we’re not good luck to them. While their main predators are large sharks, especially tiger sharks, human involvement is a close second, and includes entanglement in fishing gear, poaching, plastic ingestion, ocean pollution and coastal development.

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This fine art print is archival and acid-free. The print comes unmatted and unframed. Contact me to inquire about framed option. Print will arrive packaged in a protective acetate sleeve with matboard backing or rolled up in a rigid tube mailer, depending on size. Open edition prints are unsigned.

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