Janet Meinke-Lau

100 Project

1 painting per day for 100 days.

The 100 Project

1 painting each day for 100 days. Days 87, 88 and 94 are the only paintings from this series available. Release of limited edition prints will be first announced to mailing list folks. Subscribe below!

Day 73 Painting

Day 73 Painting


Eddie Would Go, 5x7” Watercolor on Paper


The Eddie Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay is held at the North Shore only when conditions are right and waves are at least 20 feet minimum from the back (Hawaiian wave height), which means over 30 feet faces. The Eddie surf competition celebrates Eddie Aikau, the first lifeguard for the North Shore who saved hundreds of lives, and legendary surfer who would brave waves that often reached 30 feet or more.

(This painting references a photograph by Anthony Quintano who captured shots of the last Eddie that took place in 2016.)

In the summer, when North Shore waters are flat, Waimea Bay looks like this.

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(Janet Meinke-Lau, Honolulu 2019)

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