Janet Meinke-Lau

100 Project

1 painting per day for 100 days.

The 100 Project

1 painting each day for 100 days. Days 87, 88 and 94 are the only paintings from this series available. Release of limited edition prints will be first announced to mailing list folks. Subscribe below!

Day 1 Painting

Day 1 Painting


Washed In, 5x7” Watercolor on Paper


Getting “washed in” happens when a big wave breaks in front of me, as unfortunately, I have yet to master duck diving. I get caught inside and dragged around. (“Caught inside” means trying to paddle out but struggling to get past the breaking surf to the safer part of the ocean - the outside - where one finds a wave to ride.) But then when I do make it out, I’m filled with relief and gratitude.

This original painting will be signed and dated. Comes unmatted and unframed.

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(Janet Meinke-Lau, Honolulu 2019)

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